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Ever wondered what it is like to work in a war zone? We live more in one year than most people do in a lifetime,’ is Danny Lowenstein’s simple retort. Set in a world where life is cheap, vengeance is long and betrayals can be deadly, ”Sandstealers” is a masterly thriller , infused with a deep knowledge of modern war and its witnesses. Danny Lowenstein is a big shot war correspondent with the world at his feet. But when an interview goes wrong and he’s ambushed on a lonely road in Iraq, questions are asked. Was it a set,up? And was he deliberately sent to his death by one of his own , the tight,knit group of adrenalin,addicted journalists who are supposed to be his best friends? Rachel, Becky, Kaps and Edwin are ‘The Junkies’: together they’ve been through thick and thin and seen the horrors of war. Yet theirs is also a tangled web of intense relationships and dark rivalries. Could one of them have become Danny’s killer? All’s fair in love and war. Including the murder of a friend…’

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